Ok...Let Me address some of the comments about the new Pioneer controller with the pad scratch feature that I helped them with. I have always and will push the DJ culture forward...have done it for over 30 years. I have ALWAYS been a turntables first DJ but If there is a 10 year old kid out there who has a interest in DJing and Scratching do you think there parents have $2000.00 to invest in 2 turntables and a mixer to see if they like it?? No...there going to buy them a controller. That's what there gonna learn how to scratch on...whether you like it or not...thats the future...So when they asked me to help out with the pad scratch feature I did it without hesitation...FOR THE CULTURE... because I want the 10 year old inspiring DJ to get a chance to learn. I really don't understand the people who think this is the END OF THE DJ CULTURE...just like the sync button...just like they said Serato was going to be...listen...If you don't like it...You don't have to use's not for you...But if you really think that a pad scratch/sync/serato or any other piece of technology is going to end the don't really understand what the culture is about. Technology can't read a room...figure out what to play and when to play it...break new music..that's what it's really about. There is not a piece of technology that will EVER put the culture in jeopardy. I have and will ALWAYS be a embassador for the DJ CULTURE!!! #RealDJs #GPRepost #reposter #regram_app @djgijoe via @GPRepostApp for Android ------------------ Why are people mad at DJ Jazzy Jeff? All the talk about the push pad scratch feature reminds me of a time when it wasn’t cool to use a laptop to Dj with. Now serato is the #1 tool around the world. Here’s my take on this. To all the Dj’s (scratch DJs) that are mad about this y’all need to ask yourself a question... will you ever use this in the first place? 90% of people who use this type of controller don’t really scratch in the first place. This is a controller made for portability. If the push button scratch feature works even a little and can be used creatively then I see it more of a convenient tool.

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